What is Spit or Swallow?

Spit or Swallow is a rate and review website for the winelands of South Africa

Offering a comprehensive guide to the winelands of South Africa, spitorswallow.co.za was the first of its kind in the country, offering wine enthusiasts a platform to rate and review their cellar door experiences. What started out as a hobby in 2009, turned in to a business when the site started gaining traction and the brand a substantial social following. The success can be attributed to the brand’s light-hearted, quirky and honest approach in an industry powered by snobbery. Spitorswallow gave everyone who loves and appreciate wine a space to voice their opinion, be it boxed or bottled. What’s more, the reviews were never really about the quality or taste, but more about the experience itself, causing quite the stir among wine farmers and their staff. The brand’s following turned into an online community which we labelled the Wine Flies. Their honest reviews assist wine tourist to discover places that were worth the drive and provided feedback that helped wine farms to improve on their services and offerings.

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