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What is DrinksFeed

DrinksFeed is an online community, dedicated to bring
consumers and drinks brands closer together





Publish Your Drinks Content

Create a content feed that can take your brand places.

  • Take Control of your Feed
  • Minimum Effort
  • A Built-in Audience
  • Hot Industry Topics mixed with Lifestyle content


Spread The Word

DrinksFeed makes it easy for brands to share content on a local or global basis, across any channel.

  • Geo-target your content
  • Cross-publish to all major social platforms
  • Circulation figures for each article


Measure Your Responds

Analytics that measure the performance of content marketing, providing visibility into what content is working, what kind of content to produce and where to distribute.

  • View Popular Day of the Week, Hour, City and Country.
  • View Best Performing Brands.
  • Discover your Fan Base.
  • Receive Monthly Performance Email.


Our affordable rates provide everyone with the opportunity to make waves online.

  • Once off

  • $150/Post
    • 1 Featured Article
    • Includes do-follow URLs

Most Popular
  • Monthly

  • $80/mo
    • Featured Article
    • Includes dofollow urls
    • * Subjected to min 12-month contract

  • Annually

  • $720/yr
    • 24 Featured Articles
    • Includes dofollow urls

Our fees are 30% lower than that of industry competitors​

Your Press Feed

All your news, events and specials in one place

How It Works

Simply email us your news and we will do the rest.